IPM Roles

for Teachers, Students, Administration, Maintenance & Kitchen Staff

Good communication among all occupants students, staff, parents, pest managers and decision-makers is needed for IPM to be successful in a childcare facility. All employees have an effect on their facility's IPM program. Even staff with no formal responsibility for pest control can determine the degree of success of an IPM program. Defining roles and clearly communicating can result in a cost-effective management program with reduced risks to people and the environment.

"All employees have an effect on their facility's IPM program."

Stop School Pests Online Training Materials

Basics of School IPM




food service staff

landscaping and grounds staff


maintenance staff

facilities directors

cleaning professionals

IPM Maintenance Staff poster

Promote your IPM Program!

Remind everyone on how they can do their part with fun, informative documentation. Promoting your IPM program by placing informative posters throughout your child-serving facility can have a big impact on the success of your IPM program.

Download posters for teachers, students, kitchen and maintenance staff here.

Special Topics

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