Childcare Facilities

Childcare facilities are generally smaller than schools, but they can still suffer from the same pest problems. Administartors of a childcare facility can easily integrate IPM into their existing pest managment and maintenance plans. Most pests need access to food, water, air and shelter. By removing the basic survival elements or by blocking access to a structure, pest populations can be lowered or prevented from establishing.

Parents will be pleased to know that your childcare facility takes the health and safety of its children seriously. Using IPM can even be used as a marketing tool for recruiting new children.

Download the Childcare Facility IPM Manual for thorough information on establishing a successful IPM program.

7 Steps to a Successful IPM Program

  • Develop an IPM Policy Statement
  • Define Roles
  • Set Pest Management Objectives
  • Inspect, Identify, Monitor
  • Set Action Thresholds
  • Apply your IPM strategy
  • Evaluate Results and Record Keeping

Maintaining a logbook is vital to the success of your IPM program. Keeping accurate records can also help establish good communication between participants and offer a means to evaluate the success of the program. The logbook is in PDF form and is available as a complete file. For ease of logbook maintenance, we also offer each section as a seperate PDF file.

All documents are in PDF form. If you are having trouble viewing the documents you may need to download and install Acrobat Reader.